Capocollo lucano

Having made the common Capocollo di Calabria before, I wanted to try something a little bit different and from near the region where my Father is from. Capocollo Lucano comes from the region of Basilicata region in southern Italy. It’s … Read More



Based on the products I know of from Calabria, ‘Nduja seems to be the crown jewel of the regions productions. It’s spicy, unique in its texture and is always a crowd pleaser. From the reading I’ve done and the writings … Read More


Cuore Affumicato Steccato

When it comes to the so called , “organ” meats, heart is a bit of misnomer in that it’s not an organ, but rather entirely muscle, rich with flavor. The flavor of heart is boldly representative of the animal it … Read More



I had a few small pieces of fatback that I took off of the loin at the natural fat seam. They aren’t large or super thick, but I wanted to see how sodium ascorbate worked on straight lard and also … Read More


Bacon: A simple recipe to success

If you eat meat, you like bacon. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you are in the practice of transforming raw meat into something cured, and bacon is probably on that list of to-do’s or have done already. What continually … Read More


Biroldo della Garfagnana

This is one of the more exciting preps I’ve made in a while and is the ultimate waste-not product. As usual, me and the boys (Scott and Jason) are always talking about what we should make next, trying to make … Read More


Salame Spalmabile del Montefeltro

Man, has it been quite some time since I posted last, but that’s not for lack of making salumi, but rather a byproduct of two jobs and prepping for winter on the farm. There will be a number of posts … Read More

Guanciale Affumicato Slices

Guanciale Affumicato

Ah, Guanciale how I love thee.  What’s not to love? Fat, meat and incredible marbling.  It is one of the easier pieces of salumi to make for a few reasons:

Noix de Jambon

Noix de Jambon

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we moved to Michigan about a year ago and purchased a farm where we’ve been raising our own animals, including pigs, for both ourselves and to sell.  With the farm keeping us busy, … Read More