Guanciale Affumicato Slices

Guanciale Affumicato

Ah, Guanciale how I love thee.  What’s not to love? Fat, meat and incredible marbling.  It is one of the easier pieces of salumi to make for a few reasons:

Noix de Jambon

Noix de Jambon

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we moved to Michigan about a year ago and purchased a farm where we’ve been raising our own animals, including pigs, for both ourselves and to sell.  With the farm keeping us busy, … Read More


New Farm, New Chamber and New Products

Well, to say it’s been a while would be an understatement.  In short, I’ve been busy as hell.  I quit my job in Colorado, we moved to Michigan and get this … we bought a farm.  Kate, as you may … Read More


Open Letter Response from Mark DeNittis

Mark graciously decided to respond to my letter and did so through westword.  In the interest of not causing a huge dialogue here, I’ll refrain from full thoughts on the response, but I will say that very few questions were … Read More


Salame di Capra

As much as I love living in America, we are bit stunted when it comes to the acceptance of food outside of convention. In other countries for instance, horse is a popular menu item. Hell, our neighbors to the north … Read More


Ribeye Bresaola

I am admittedly pretty behind on posts.  While it seems as though not much has been going on, it’s quite the opposite.  I have made quite a few new things, but just haven’t had the opportunity or time to post … Read More


Salsiccia di Calabria

Most folks who start curing at home, especially if following the Charcuterie book, will inevitably start with whole muscles.  It could be duck prosciutto which cures quickly and usually on your counter.  Maybe a simple eye round bresaola which you can easily cure … Read More


Finished Coppa

A while back I started a new piece of coppa.  I can’t explain why I didn’t take photos of the production, however I did take photos of the finished product.  This is the second time I’ve made coppa over the … Read More