All my gear is on it's way here, and ready to start doing this

All my gear is on it's way here, and ready to start doing this

Despite having the bum wheel and being laid up, I was able to order things but not able to get them installed.  The plus side is, I have everything I need now and will be working over the next week to get it all in place.


I was able to get this sweet thermohydrometer that is completely wireless with a 100ft range.  I’m able to put the censor in the fridge with the display on my kitchen counter.


Notice I said plural, and this is because I live in CO and the fridge is in my garage.  This means that temps in the fridge, without heat, can drop to 38 - 40 degrees based on what I’ve seen over the past week.  I’ll be using one for regulating the fridge’s cooling capabilities:

And one to regulate a ceramic heating element within the fridge as well.  This will allow for a dry heat to be emitted and shut off as needed.  The ceramic is also a wider emitting element, so it will disperse the heat in a wider pattern.

Humidity Control

I’ve been lucky to find a fridge that has the bottom drawers on the fridge removable and the top panel removable, so I’m able to squeeze in the humidifer without really affecting the hanging length available.  Based on measurements, I should easily be able to hang a full leg or ham.

The humidifer is pretty basic, just a small ultrasonic humidifer with an easy to fill/clean tank.

The humidifier will plug into a humidification control, that will keep the interior of the fridge regulated to a +/- of 5% desired humidity.

The project should go pretty smoothly and I think I’ve got a plan to run minimal electric within the fridge unit itself.  More to come with accompanying photos.