The Journey Begins - Building the Curing Chamber

The Journey Begins - Building the Curing Chamber
As I head into a 10 day vacation from work, my goal is to take some significant steps towards getting my home curing setup in place.  First goal is to organize the garage and make room for my curing chamber (aka modified refrigerator) and then to start sourcing out the additional equipment such as grinder, stuffer, etc.

I spent all my time learning under Bob Del Grosso , who is an absolute badass in the kitchen and taught me so much over the years, and whom I consider a good friend and knower of all things fun with food, while working at Hendricks Farm and Dairy. Trent Hendricks makes amazing cheeses, has a beautiful low impact and integrated farm and is just an all around encyclopedia of farming and agriculture.

The idea is to make the following first:

  • Bresaola
  • Lomo
  • Pancetta Piana
  • Bacon
  • Cured Duck Breast

These items require basic curing in the fridge, and little to no grinding or stuffing equipment.

The next stop, find a fridge on Craigslist and order me some modification equipment…