Curing equipment is on hold and sources identified

Curing equipment is on hold and sources identified
I spent the last few days while on vacation sourcing out some great product (Pork and Beef) in the area and am excited about the possibilities that will come out of that.  The sources are both Duroc and Tamworth pigs and are at a great price for whole and half hogs.

The hogs are milk fed and pasture raised and from what I’ve seen are just bad ass.  The goal is to get to a point where I have great product and am going through a half hog each quarter and get to a point where I’m fully set up as an LLC by the end of March.

The garage will be cleaned this week and the fridge will be picked up on Saturday and other equipment the following week.  The challenge now is to determine and test how the environment will work within the garage which has a tendency to get a bit cold, but I think I can find a solution where we’ll be good to go.

I’m excited this is moving and psyched to start experimenting and making some great product.  The plan is to start with whole cut or large cut product (Bresaola, Pancetta Piana, Copa, etc.) and then move towards a ground product.

All in all, more progress to follow