Curing Chamber Complete

Finally! Even though I had my wisdom teeth removed this past week, I ended up getting the curing chamber together and having everything installed.  Everything went surprisingly well, and the chamber has been running at approximately 62 degrees with about 68% relative humidity for the last 24 - 48hrs.  Before I start doing my curing, I’m going to give it a good week or so to monitor it’s stability across temperature ranges out here and make sure it’s stable.

The chamber came out super neat and organized, and the process was pretty easy.

First: I drilled a 1 1/2 inch hole in the side with a circle saw and ran the cooling thermostat through there, as well as the power strip cord through there as well.

Second: I used tile silicon to adhere the power strip to the side and not magnets so as to not interfere with any polarity or electrical currents.

Third: Ran the temperature tube and capillary from the external thermostat through the hole and positioned it where needed.

Fourth: Sealed the hole with expanding foam and now we’re back to being air tight in the fridge itself.

Fifth: Plugged in the hydrometer and thermostat to control the humidifier and internal ceramic heater respectively.

Sixth: Set it and forget it.  Plugged in the humidifier and ceramic element and we’re now good to go and temperature has been stable.

Because of where I live, we have the need for the heating element.  It’s a 40 watt ceramic element used for heating 10 - 20 gallon reptile tanks and provides a dry heat to raise the temp about 15 - 20 degrees in the fridge.  Key to this is to keep it from pointing directly at the meat, so that it doesn’t end up cooking it.

On a whole, I’m happy with everything an excited to try it out.  Looking forward to getting the first curing up there and see how it all works.