Bresaola - The Beginning

Bresaola is both one of my favorite things to make, as well as one of the easiest.  It is about as simple as it gets when it comes to curing meats, but is also dependent on having quality product.  The product I used for this test was simply a grass fed eye round from Whole Foods.  It looks ok, however it's not nearly as nice as the round I had in mind from our usual beef farmer (Another story for another day). We used the basic cure that can be found in the Ruhlman book, as well as a slight change based on my work with Bob Del Grosso while at Hendricks Farms and Dairy.

It's in the fridge curing now and will be out in 7 days or so for it's second round of curing again in the refrigerator.  At 3 weeks of hanging time in the curing chamber, this will be the fastest test for the success of the chamber, but also a huge step forward in my 10 year plan.

Update will come next weekend upon going into the second cure