Pancetta Piana

Pancetta Piana is effectively the same cure as rolled pancetta but hung flat instead.  It ends up slicing more like bacon, but has a different flavor profile because of how much of the surface area of the meat is exposed during the hanging phase.  I am personally a big fan of it, but we'll see how this goes. This is another meat product from Whole Foods, however it was more, again, a test to see how things work within the curing chamber.  It also was another test regarding the use of different salts.  For this I used a Mayan sea salt instead of the normal coarse kosher salt, and I'm curious how the flavor profile will change.

The cure was taken directly from my notes of previous tests, and looks promising.  With a whole milk fed hog on order, this is a great test bed to make things better in the future.

One thing to note, is charcuterie on a whole is all about notes, trial and error and happy accidents.  The happy accident is effectively how the craft began in the first place.  I try and take detailed notes as we go along so that as we do more projects, use different ingredients, we can begin to produce a product that has consistent tastes.