Guanciale Into the Chamber

Today we pulled out the guanciale and got it ready for hanging.  I've not gotten any of the meat hooks yet, so I had to use a skewer to get the string through the little jowls.  The guanciale, post cure in the fridge, actually gained a couple of grams of weight, but not quite sure how that is.  It has a great texture so far, and I look forward to trying it out. Looking at some of the other guanciale product out there, these are quite small at around 617g total for the two of them.  They stayed in the fridge for 7 days, and it was a recipe adapted from Jason Molinari's recipe, but we added a little more volume of a couple of things.  The recipe ended up like this:

  • Pork Jowls - 600g
  • Kosher Salt - 21g
  • Crushed Black Pepper - 5g
  • Sugar - 10g
  • InstaCure #2 - 1.5g
  • Dried Thyme - 1g

Here are the photos after the removal from the fridge and hanging in the chamber: