Pancetta Rigatino - Out of the Chamber

About 30 days ago I began our Panceta Rigatino (Flat Pancetta) and hung it about 7 days later.  All in, it was hanging about 3 weeks and change.  I set the bar of expectation pretty low as it was Whole Foods pork, which, while better than mass market pork, is hardly top quality.  The goal was to have at least a baseline by which to judge future experiments, as well as get the chamber dialed in and tested before I put the good stuff in.

About 10 days ago I noticed some green mold starting while in the cheese cloth, and just washed it off with some cider vinegar and placed it back in.  It hung for most the time at about 70 degrees and 70 - 75% humidity.  In hindsight, I think it would have been better to have the temperature around 60 - 65, as there was some sweating on the exposed fat, but to be quite honest, I think it had more to do with the pig diet being less than ideal resulting in sub par fat.

On a whole, it's about a 4 out of 10.  Basically it's edible and better than most of the mass market stuff, but hardly what I would call "good".  It's missing the natural dynamic of the pork and is just providing a texture and vehicle for the curing spices.

The highlight of it really was the first use of my Globe Model 150 slicer from the 1950's.  Thing started like a charm and worked extremely well.  We sliced about half the slab into super thin slices getting it ready for use, and will use it as a supporting element in some dishes coming up this week.

All in all, good progress but not what I'm striving for.  The next one will be better, that one I'm positive of.