Prosciutto di capra piccolo - two ways

Two weeks ago the Boulder Farmer's market opened and while this marked the first day of spring, it also marked access to some of the best produce and meat around.  One of my favorites is Leistikow Farms out here in Boulder County.  They sell great goat, lamb and mutton and are a great small little family farm already training the next generation to carry on their legacy.  Super nice people with very good product. I was able to purchase a boneless shoulder roast as well as a boneless leg roast knowing that one was destined for some sort of cured preparation and the second had a couple of other options. I did some research around the web and it seems that goat, in cured form, is not all that common.  It seems as though, if it is cured at all, it is done in the form of a whole leg or ground up for salumi.  There is however a number of different boneless leg preparations for pork, one being Noix de Jambon, which is a salt only 2 day cure and smoked.

So, in true Christian (me, not the religion) fashion, I decided I wanted to try more than just one thing and made two small hams out of the leg.  I did this for two reasons:

  1. The smaller hams will cure quicker so I can get a better sense of their end product for future projects
  2. I can try two preparations

So I took the boned out leg and broke it down into two separate cuts, cleaned up the silver skin and removed any nasty bits.  This left me with two similarly sized hams to work with.

Prosciutto di capra piccolo - sale solo (Small goat ham - salt only)

So, the first I made was simple as can be, Mayan Sea Salt, a little pink salt and that's it.  I wanted to just taste the pure cured goat and see what properties it had on it's own:


  • Boneless Leg of Goat - 628g
  • Mayan Sea Salt - 20g
  • Instacure #2 - 1g

I'm thinking this will cure in the fridge for 2 - 5 days and I'll hang in a beef bung or similar.

Prosciutto di capra piccolo - finocchio, ginepro e cannella (Small goat ham - fennel, juniper and cinnamon)

There is a recipe of cured goat called Mocetta, which loosely translates to "mountain spices".  You can read a great blog post by Hank Shaw about his foray into making this little treat, but I decided to stray a bit with the spices, coming up instead with my own set and mixture, an attempt if you will, into creating a cured product unique only to me.  I've done this once before in conjunction with Bob del Grosso in making Orange and Cardamom salumi, but that was a joint effort, but the end product was fantastic.

This is basically a shot in the dark.  I looked at weight to spice ratios of other recipes and did my best to implement a nice balanced flavor with multiple dimensions.  Here it is:


  • Boneless Leg of Goat - 496g
  • Juniper Berries (crushed) - 5
  • Garlic Powder - .5g
  • Coarse Ground Black Peppercorns - 5g
  • Fresh Ground Cinnamon Stick - .5g
  • Mayan Sea Salt - 20g
  • Instacure #2 - 1.5g

I rubbed this into the meat and will cure in the fridge for about 5 - 7 days, being turned and rubbed every other day or so.

I'm excited to see where this ends up and hopeful that at least one will turn out edible.  Now, as with all good charcuterie, we wait...