Prosciutto di capra piccolo - 1 of 2 out of the chamber

As mentioned in the last post about the Prosciutto di Capra Piccolo, I did it two ways, one just salt and simple, the other with a blend of spices.  Today, because it was a bit smaller, I was able to take out the latter of the previously mentioned and see how it all came out. Goat, however prepared has an unmistakable taste that is a bit gamey and sweet and always a great texture.  The end result of the curing is, eh, so so.  I really like the cinnamon but not so much on the fennel.  I think the cinnamon is a great spice to go with the next time, but the garlic is too much as well.  Just needs some refinement.

The texture is great, I am super happy with that, but I'll give this a solid C for results: