Goat Shoulder - Capra spalla

Previously I had used a boned out goat leg to try two recipes of stark difference, the results were good for the most part and at the BizzareBQ the fennel pollen recipe was super well received so I decided to try and make that again but out of the entire muscle.  I had a shoulder roast  and it was perfect for this little experiment.  One of the key differences, as you'll see is that I didn't have a bladder casing to put it in, so it's an exposed muscle, so we'll see how that goes and if there is any difference in flavor, but I am obviously expecting a difference in texture. The recipe was exactly the same, and rolled in fennel pollen again at the end.  I am pretty embarrassed by the tying job here, I got frustrated and stumped a little bit, so we'll have to see how that all goes with regards to drying out and all that goodness.  I am hopeful though and I like that it's a bit larger as it'll yield some beautifully large slices.