Goat Shoulder - Capra spalla - FAIL

It's been a while since I posted and life has been kicking my ass, and making some cured meats hasn't been as prevalent as I'd like it to be.  Previously I made Goat Shoulder in a couple of different ways, and decided to go with the fennel pollen recipe on another shoulder, The shoulder was bigger than the beef bung casing I had, so I tied it up and just put it in the chamber to dry. I kept the temp at about 57 - 60, and the humidity around 70 - 75% and the hanging time was around 5 or 6 weeks (I forgot to look at the date before the post) and the result, well, was horrible.  It dried out something fierce, I didn't tie it tightly enough so it developed a green mold, and the flavor was pretty poor.  The secret really is the casing.  it's a protector of air pockets for sure, helps maintain the dry rim problem, and allows for a beautiful white mold as well.

The biggest disappointment was the fact that I wasted a $30.00 piece of meat.  That is pretty shitty, but lessons learned and we move on.

Onward and upward