Cow Parsnip and Green Juniper Bresaola

At the end of October, we have Hank Shaw coming to stay with us while on his book tour for Hunt, Gather, Cook and as part of that, we wanted to use some of our foraged items to both show how they can be used in a cured product, but also to create something uniquely Colorado in flavor profile. Enter foraged juniper berries as well as a spice called Cow Parsnip in replacement of the Rosemary.  Cow Parsnip around here is plentiful and also a beautiful aroma and flavor.  I don't even know how to describe it really.  Raw seeds are impossibly bitter, but the dried seeds are kinda musty and when fried make a great substitute for something like pepitas or pumpkin seeds on a soup. In addition to the ripe juniper berries, I decided to use half of the total berries for green juniper berries which have a much stronger gin like aroma and almost a bit more of a sappy taste.

As if all this experimentation wasn't enough, Kate Yelvington, my girlfriend got her hands dirty cleaning up her first eye round and going start to finish making the bresaola, resulting in her first cured product.  I couldn't be more excited and stoked to see her just digging in. The product should be ready in about 4 weeks or so and I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  • Eye Round - 801g
  • Salt - 26g
  • Sugar - 31g
  • Cure #2 - 4g
  • Black Pepper - 6g
  • Toasted Cow Parsnip - 8g
  • Thyme - 5g
  • Green Juniper Berries - 5
  • Ripe Juniper Berries - 5