Cow Parsnip & Green Juniper Bresaola - Tasting

It may seem like the post is coming quickly after the previous post about the meat going in to dry, but I was delayed on that one but finally on time for this one.  We pulled Kate's creation out of the chamber and sliced it open and were met with a super strong cow parsnip aroma, not a bad thing at all, but it was the first thing we smelled.  The cure was good, the drying was uniform and the center was nicely red and slightly tender. The taste was good, a bit salty but definitely influenced by the cow parsnip on the front end, with the green juniper coming on the finish.  On a whole, I really liked it, the people reviews were positive with the major comment being more about the salt preference than anything else.  One note of warning, the cow parsnip is definitely a strong flavor, so on the smaller ends of the round it will pick up more of that flavor than the middle areas.  So when you're slicing into it, be aware the the flavor will change significantly as you move into the thicker areas.