Sopressata - Out and Tasted

I've been slacking on posts for a while and this is definitely delayed in its appearance, however better late than never right?  I began making the sopressata a while back and decided to chop the fat by hand.  I was excited to see how the finished product would look, but wasn't entirely sure how it would affect the taste.  Generally sopressata is a more coarse grind, however I've not seen it made when hand cut like this.  What's the worst that happens though, it doesn't work? After being in the chamber for about 2 - 3 months (I forget how long and don't have my records in front of me) I was excited to try.  I think there were points in the curing where the chamber may have been a tad too hot because the drying went too fast and a couple of the links pulled away from the casing.  It's still edible but sometimes can give it a bit of an alkaline or metallic taste.

When I cut into the meat, I was excited to see the fat and how it turned out.  There was a nice acidity to the meat, a great smell and the texture was pretty good.  I generally like this a bit drier than most salaumi, but I decided to not let this one go too far, as I didn't want to push my luck and not have a usable product.  If I were do it next time however, I would end up letting it go a bit longer.

On a whole, I'm reasonably happy with this attempt, but there is a lot that I'd like to improve on.  It's good to see the potential, but still a lot of work to do to make this great.