Rolled Pancetta - Tasting

Pancetta can take on two forms that I know of, Rigatino and rolled.  With my kinikin farms pig I decided to try both.  They offer very different tastes and textural feels, but they are both great in their own special ways.  I previously wrote about the tasted pancetta rigatino, however the rolled version wasn't done just yet.  As you might expect, with a larger center mass, it takes much longer to dry than a flat hung belly. The pancetta turned out absolutely great.  I couldn't have been happier, as you can see, I tied it VERY tight and this is probably one of the hardest parts about a rolled pancetta, keeping a tight roll so that you don't end up with air pockets where mold can grow and fester.  This however, was a shining success.  Should anyone know how the larger scale producers get their so tight, please post here and let me know, as I've yet to see how those folks do it.

One thing to note, in order to prevent the ends from accumulating with mold and drying out, I wrapped a piece of sliced bung on the end of it to better seal the end.  I've never done this before but wanted to test the theory out.  Turns out, it works fantastic.  The ends, even though not really sliced, were much more usable in things like pasta, salads, etc.  Definitely worth a try for those doing this preparation.

To sum it all up, I'm super happy with this result.  The fat tastes great, the roll is tight and the spice is perfect.  Definitely a win...