Salame della Musica

This is a salame I've been wanting to make for quite some time. I've been really driven to find regional specialties and push my skill set and knowledge around the craft. However, the trouble I've been running into for this particular salame is finding a recipe or at least a guiding set of ingredients of which to work off of.  This salame is a specialty to the northern region of Italy outside of a town called Biella with a bit of a mystique around it's origins.  The only producer I've been able to find in the states is Creminelli out in Utah and his Salame della Musica description and historical background reads as follows:

The name comes from the frequent requests for this salami from the local band. They insisted that its strong flavor, thanks to the addition of pork liver and clove, gave them energy to continue playing through the night. You can think of it as the original energy bar.

As you might expect, the addition of liver will undoubtedly give this a pretty unique flavor and potentially some texture.  I've had the Creminelli product once and it was a semi-firm texture with a pretty amazing flavor.  While iron is nothing people generally associate with a desired flavor, if you're eating liver, this is without a doubt going to be in the mix. I made a relatively large batch of it, so I'm putting a lot of hope into this, but I'm pretty confident that a minimum will learn a lot and have a pretty unique product.

The great thing about this world of charcuterie is it's very small, but full of passion.  There are a number of folks that helped track down some starting points for me, and I've pretty much hit the recipe on the head through guessing with the only missing part being some orange zest.  Finger's crossed, this one could be a lot of fun.