On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery

Farmstead Meatsmith has created an amazing set of videos, the first one below, that demonstrates how to break down a side of hog.  This is a must watch video for anyone who is interested in butchery or even just understanding where their grocery store cuts come from.   Farmstead Meatsmith is a blog that I've been following for quite some time and he's got such a great demeanor and a way of explaining things that makes it all seem easy.  Rest assured this is what a craftsmen looks like and someone who's really honed his craft.

Check it out and get ready for some more ...

On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery from farmrun on Vimeo.

The first episode in the instructional web-series from Farmrun and Farmstead Meatsmith, in which we demonstrate how to butcher one side of pork.

www.farmrun.com www.farmsteadmeatsmith.com

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