Fiocco Out of the Chamber

It was back in February that I wrote about my first foray into the production of Culatello and subsequently Fiocco.  As one might expect, due to the significant size difference, the Fiocco is going to be done sooner than the Culatello will.  As I monitored this piece, I started to notice a very much declining rapidity of loss which is typical when you have a high volume of fat.  The more fat, the less weight loss percentage you can expect. Sacrificing an entire leg for this experiment, especially having to wait for 5 months or more to see if I didn't screw it up, is a new experience for me.  Most of the product's I've made to date are much shorter cure times and things I have a bit more confidence in.  I am happy to say, that I did not screw this one up.  I don't care what Jason or Scott say about me, I do have some skills.

The Fiocco is just beautiful!  The salt is there but not too over powering. The flavor, while simple with only black pepper as the added spice beyond salt, is there and spread evenly through out the ham.  The sweetness and richness of the pork is just perfect.  The fat is delicious and it absolutely highlights why, garbage in, garbage out, is not a myth.  The Fiocco tastes good, because the pig tastes good, simple as that.  I'm so excited with how this turned out and look forward to slowly enjoying this in the months to come.