Salame Spalmabile del Montefeltro

Salame Spalmabile del Montefeltro

Man, has it been quite some time since I posted last, but that's not for lack of making salumi, but rather a byproduct of two jobs and prepping for winter on the farm. There will be a number of posts over the next couple of weeks, but the first will be a preparation called Salame Spalmabile del Montefeltro, which seems to be a variant of a Ciauscolo. Scott, Jason and I couldn't seem to find any other references to this particular prep and seems to be made only by Celli Norcineria Macelleria, a small shop just outside of Rimini in the region of Emilia-Romagna. This salami is essentially a "semi-spreadable" salami, that is a ratio of 50/50 lean to fat with the addition of Marsala wine as opposed to the traditional vin cotto found in Ciauscolo.

The end result was terrific and a favorite amongst the friends and family through the holidays. It's a sweet taste with a bit of tang from the addition of wine, but the spicing is about perfect. There is one thing I'd change going forward, and that's the volume of wine and sugar to reduce the tang a bit. 

Close Up
Close Up


  1. 60% Shoulder
  2. 40% Belly
  3. 2.75% Salt
  4. .5% Black Pepper
  5. .3% Garlic
  6. .5% Fennel
  7. .25% Cure
  8. .25% FL-C
  9. .5% Dextrose
  10. .15% Sodium Ascorbate
  11. .6% Marsala
  12. Orange Zest


  1. Grind lean and fat on a medium sized plate
  2. Combine all ingredients and mix until myosin develops
  3. Place in ziplock bag and let rest overnight in the fridge
  4. Stuff in casing and ferment for 24 hours at 75 degrees
  5. Hang for 30 days